Importance of Traditional Treatment

Is it reasonable to protect traditional treatment used by Jhakri, Lama (Nepali words use to call a person who does ritual acts to heal a sick person and domestic animals) when we are influencing to protect local traditions.

However, in many cases where there are the scarcity of public and private Health related centres. In most of the VDCs of Nepal there are such scarcity. Some of the reasons are:

1. Unreachable because of Geographical location
2. Remoteness
3. Unavailability of Human Resources because of remoteness and geographical location
4. Quality HRM leaving hunting opportunities outside

In case of emergency there is no way that the patient gets treatment. Traditional Treatment is noisy because the person jumps hitting a locally made drums called dumphu. Instead, the patient needs to a peaceful environment. The VDC that I am talking has got a Health Post but, it is located in such a place that is not only far for the villages around but, it is just going down from top of the hill, that is risky.

In this situation, what could our programme do? It is a Health awareness and encouraging to prioritise hygiene, sanitation, clean water and nutritious food. Simply posting reliable health relevant notice. Providing nail-cutter, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and teaching to wash hand properly following WHO steps, educating about waste management are the several simple and quick activities that the programme is focusing.

Do we need to understand deeply by researching such traditional way of healing? Because, lack of literacy and practising good for behavioural change is not automatic. One needs to raise awareness externally. It doesn’t mean that the availability of health personal is vital only occasional. Whether there is need or not one is essential to be there at each village. To do this what could the programme do? Motivate the available human resources to go there and work? How? Isn’t health is the acute need? Please pray for the Nepalese who are settled in the geographically challenging locations. And, for the intended project of Console Mission.







Health education

Nepal, according to the experience of reaching the villages formed in high hills, at the deepest level and, the news read and the pictures published provides many ideas that health is really a wealth that could be gained if a person practices well. Every child grows up with health education both formally and informally through classroom studies and television advertisement. But, until and unless if ‘I’ do not adopt to the good things that we learn or say put it into action we are not going to transfer.

Day before yesterday one transform Hindus told me that though I am converted to Christianity even there are certain things that I am not adopted to it. Even now, automatically  I whisper myself saying “Hey Ram!” like “Oh! God” in certain situation. Change in behavior doesn’t comes hereditary or through classroom education but, through practice. How we practice depends on changes? There are certain things that ought to be changed like health related that Console Mission is focused in: washing hands before eating and after going to toilet with soap. We are distributing soaps, demonstrating hand washing process. And, educating them by teaching and letting to do. World Hand Washing Day was the day in 2014 that the team of Console Mission manged a public activities where the volunteers demonstrated hand washing and asking the public to do on their own. Along with, a pamphlet related to the importance of hand washing was also distributed.

During this time of disaster. From the very beginning CM taught about hand washing saying “a little thing might be costly.” We are not death of earthquake but, we may if we do not take care of our personal health, environment that we live in and if we do not drink clean water. Therefore, our projects are focused in these three things. Awareness is not costly but, to reach to the places that are remotes and to manage the human resources is challenging. Therefore, we need your support.

Oxfam was written in the bucket. It contained water to wash hand located in the camping site of the earthquake affected in Nepal. The team of Console Mission demonstrated hand washing and placed soap.

Soap placed by CM

This package is a specially manged to the mothers of new born containing baby diaper, napkin, ear bud, bath soap, oil, powder, toothpaste, hot energy drink, glucose biscuit, towel, nail cutter  

Special pack for the pregnant woman

Washing hands after demonstrating hand washing by the volunteers
Washing hands after demonstrating hand washing by the volunteers

Console Mission

Ever since people recognized the word mission it is something related to Christian. Later, the public learned that mission is something to accomplish from watching Bollywood movies where mostly the army had mission or some terrorist had a mission. Even now mission in Nepal is something to do with Christian. However, beside being a Christian the people of Nepal whether of any religion or caste is a Nepalese. However, this doubt could be surrendered by saying that we do not have any activities related to Christian but, its purpose is to put into action rather than talking or preaching or sympathizing.